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Jamie Smith

“My husband was so pleased with this book”

Sharon Wright

Roger...great to see this wonderful book available again!

My copy was lost in a flood, and I wish to get another. 

A customer

I had the pleasure of meeting the author recently and found out about his book after researching the Costin Nathan cars. I'm so glad I bought a copy as its one of the finest racing books I've read in quite some while; this is a must read for anyone with but a passing interest in 1960's motorsport.
It tells the tale of Roger's racing career from his humble start in the sport via plenty of race wins and on to becoming a very successful race car constructor and Hillman Imp tuner. All told in an incredibly readable style and I found the book hard to put down.
No spoilers, but Roger has indeed had a very adventurous life and the reader is teased with the thought that, after retiring from racing, life became more adventurous still......I do hope we get a second instalment. Highly, highly recommended.

“SUPER BOOK direct from the author. I should have asked for a signed one!.”


“Absolutely enjoyed this book .”


“An interesting story, well written with good illustrations for a print on demand book, I enjoyed it, and look forward to the next episode.”


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